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VS4-10 Chassis Brace Update

Chassis Brace Information

Please Read

An updated brace design for the VS4-10 Chassis has been produced and will be sent to owners who did not get them with their original purchase. Any kit that was purchased from Vanquish Products after October 1st were shipped with the updated braces. To receive the new aluminum front and rear chassis braces you must copy the information below into a new email, fill it out and send the email to the listed address. 


Name (First and Last):

Shipping Address:

Place of purchase:

Serial Number (this is listed on the small silver sticker on both the shipping box and product box, it will be in the format of A1810XXX):

Photo of Vehicle (if serial number is not provided):


Email this information to VPSupport@vanquishproducts.com

Some international customers may receive braces from the store they purchased from, this may be on case by case basis. 

Braces will be sent out in the order that the emails are received. Do not email multiple times.







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